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Think.com in KVSThink.com Website
A success story of Public Private Partnership between KVS and Oracle
An organizational agreement was signed between KVS and ORACLE in February 2005 for carrying out the project in KVS extensively.

Think.com is an online community for learning. Learning is a social phenomenon, which is why Think.com engages and inspires students. By providing a wider yet protected audience, Think.com turns students into multimedia authors for a global community and allows peers to think and learn together.

Only students and teachers from member schools can enter this password-protected learning community. Once inside, members use websites and interactive tools to publish their ideas, collaborate on projects, and build knowledge together. Think.com provides interactive learning tools to thousands of schools around the world in 8 languages.

Implementation in KVS

Think.com provides a secure space on the Web to students, teachers and schools. They make use of the facility by registering with the project which is a very simple process.

Students create their own website where they post articles of their interest, poems, stories, interesting pictures, audio clips, video clips etc.. They visit each other’s websites and exchange useful information. After visiting a fellow student’s website, a student leaves his remarks on the contents of the website if he feels to do so. His remarks appear in the form of attractive yellow sticky at the bottom of the webpage which anyone visiting the website can see. This leads to tremendous excitement among students and they are motivated to write small pieces on their subject of interest which they want to share with others. They also use the website to undertake projects on collecting material form the web on some interesting topic from their curriculum. They also use it to know more about their culture e.g. festivals, dance forms, musical instruments etc.

The content on the student’s websites is regulated by the teacher administrator of the school so that nothing offensive or undesirable appears on the websites. Teachers also create their websites and provide useful and interesting material to the students. A mathematics teacher from KV IISC, Bangalore used this facility to communicate with students during vacation. He posted assignments for students on his website and the students were asked post their answers back. The students posted their answers and their doubts on their websites. The answers were evaluated and the doubts were cleared by the teacher. Another teacher from KV Malleswaram, Bangalore, used this facility to present some very useful material on Environmental Science for the benefit of the students. There are so many success stories concerning this project. Now all concerned, the Principals, teachers and students are actively participating in the project and are getting manifold benefits:

Gaining skills to use the latest technology tools for access and exchange of information.

  • Sharing of teaching resources by teachers among themselves.
  • Sharing of interesting information about current topics by students among themselves.
  • Sharing of useful and interesting information by the teachers with the students.


Recent Guidelines for KVs

The following guidelines are being followed in KVs in order to make the full use of Think.com:

The Principal will be directly responsible for running the project to its full potential and monitoring it on a regular basis.

  • All students of class III onwards will register in Think.com.
  • All teachers will register in Think.com.
  • Every student must contribute at least 02 pages.
  • Every teacher must contribute at least 03 pages.
  • Every KV will have minimum two Teacher Administrators.
  • The Class Teachers will coordinate between the students of their respective classes and Teacher Administrators for registration and contribution of students in the project.
  • The Class Teachers will be in-charges of their respective classes for participation in the project.
  • The Principal will register himself / herself as a teacher in the project and visit the pages of the students and teachers of his / her KV in order to encourage them and provide them with suitable guidance online.
  • The Assistant Commissioner will also register himself / herself as a teacher from a nearby KV and visit the pages of the students and teachers of his / her Region in order to encourage them and provide them with suitable guidance online.


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